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Claire Defonet

I agree with you, they still are not there yet are they? At least for my, ever aging, eyes. I think it is still the size, heat and resolution for me, every one of these is fixed with each passing iteration, but for me they are still awkward, too heavy...at least compared to a newspaper or magazine.

I also worry about the cost of the units, initial cost of course but also, when I am done reading regular material I throw them down... now I see there being an issue with that. The commercials always show people on the beach or by the pool, two areas I would not want to take a $200-$600 unit. Let alone the most popular place to read a magazine....

They are the way of the future, that is without doubt, when I need to make a note when I am at my desk at work, I grab a pen and paper, my younger co-workers use MS notepad on the computer. Kids are growing up with more and more complicated gadgets, my kids leapster explorer is now a eBook viewer too...crazy

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