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I have you in my Bloglines list of blogs that I follow so whenever you
post something new a number pops up next to your area on my list
to let me know how many new posts you've put up. I say all this to
let you know that my set up allows me to not have to check out
your blog directly to see if something new is in. So I avoid the frustration
of repeatedly coming to a blog with no new material and it makes it
so easy to check out your blog when something new is posted.
So I don't have the expectation or hope that you will post everyday
or often. I just check out what you post when it comes in.
Concerning what Vinyl Addiction posts : Do you want the blog to be
more like a news service covering cool toys, art, & graphics, -or-
do you want it to be an outlet of what you like in the toy, art, & graphics
world -or- maybe some niche in the vinyl art toy world (such as customs
only, or kaiju toys only, or a specific artist only) -or- a combination of these
possibilities? The first option (news service) would focus on what us readers
want. The second option would focus on what you want. Or you could mix
it all up. The news service would require a LOT of work from you posting
a bunch of stuff everyday (just look at the TOYSREVIL blog for example)
unless you focused on one or just a few things.

My overall advice is for you to cover whatever it is that rocks you at your core.
That way you'll be excited to share with us, it won't be a burden, and your
excitement will naturally be evident instead of faked. 


You're perfectly right.  This needs to be a blog written about matters that will motivate me to want to post.  I mean, granted I love vinyl toys and art, and customs but frankly, I can't keep up the new service type approach as everyone can see... I just can't sustain the frenetic level of posting for a long period ot time..   Part of me would like to but the other part knows that I'm just being one of the numerous blogs nowadays that covers the same stuff.


Power, Goth and Symphonic Metal videos lol, great blog by the way

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