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hi, i just wanted to ask can i use your design as an icon and logo on my forum, because i like the style you used and it would go great with my theme.
my email account is xavierh_301@yahoo.com
and my site url is http://roguestudios.aforumfree.com/forum.htm


Wow. That mean that you have to save atleast 4 steps during progress not to be called a robbinng bastard. Thanx for sharing, now I also gonna save my work in 4 steps - LOL the last idiot isnt born yet :D Great design by the way, love your style a lot. Take care!



Hey.. I thought I drew the Skull boy design? *laughter* People are crazy I tell you! I had someone ask me if the artist was aware that I was stealing his Angry Bunny images and using them on my t-shirts over at Zazzle once.. and then added a link to my comic as if to prove the artist was someone else. *sigh*


[this is good]


[this is good]


[this is good]

Gordon Finney

[this is good] And you so tried?


Not sure what that means?

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