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[this is good] Dear SandMan

Just wanted to let you know and ask permission if possible.

we recenlty used your graffiti dude on a logo for our new site


Truth is i just did a mockup and used him to show our designers as yet they have not come up woth one we actually like, can I ask if we can use him ? or do you want us to pay you for the use, or simply we cant use and we will remove it



While I appreciate your desire to use my image on your website, the way to correctly license this particular image is via http://istockphoto.com/s4ndm4n.  It is copyrighted material.  The royalties for the images on my portfolio are trivial amounts for the wide uses that the license allows.  Thanks! 


Dude This Picture Is From Google ! O.o
o.e But Nice Blog Though !


Not sure what you mean by "this picture is from Google" but oh well.. LOL. It's on Google because I've had it on istockphoto for many years and I've posted information about my art (including this one) all over the place. I'm glad to see it's ranking in Google!

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